Handmade in Chestermere’s Official Launch!

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New local multi-vendor online shop opens in Chestermere!

“We are beyond excited to invite you to our shop, journey and future!”

Caitlin Bowers

Handmade in Chestermere’s new local shopping platform opens this week in Chestermere! Featuring local hand-made items ranging from baked goods, candles and bath bombs to clothing, accessories and home décor.

The name of the business is Handmade in Chestermere and it is located online at handmadeinchestermere.ca.

The business came together after seeing a need for a multi-vendor online shopping experience within the city.

Small  businesses have been looking for extra support during these extremely tough times of Covid-19. That being said, it’s really important to give shoppers one easy place to shop, especially with mandated in-person shopping limitations and closures. Multiple local businesses came together to create a Facebook page to advertise their shops and products initially. Since the inception of the Facebook page back in October of 2020, followers have grown to over 1,100.

Handmade in Chestermere saw the need for more local support, as well as more businesses in Chestermere. “We’re not looking to compete with other businesses. We’re here to support them and provide a one stop shopping experience for our customers. If were able to help support our non-profits or sports organizations and businesses in the near future as we continue to grow, that’s something we would like to do as well.”

We together successfully marketed a multi-vendor box at Christmas on Facebook. Each box contained products from local artisans and crafters and sold for $120 each. Our second multi-vendor campaign was putting together 3 different Valentine’s gift packages offered at various price points. We’re happy to say all our combined marketing efforts led to more awareness about us and an increase in local supporters of each of our businesses. An online shop was something we simply couldn’t pass up. 

“We want to become a shopping destination in this city.”

For more information, customers and vendors can email admin@handmadeinchestermere.ca.

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