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Low Listing Fee

Get great value, starting at just $10.00 a month! You only pay 15% commission when you make a sale.

Powerful Shop Tools

Our platform makes it easy to promote, manage and grow your business.


Simple, transparent and secure! Safe transactions, automatic deposits, and seller protection.

User Friendly

Spend less time managing your shop and more time creating your amazing products!

  • Manage your business anywhere

    Use the online platform to manage orders, edit listings and respond to buyers instantly, from anywhere.

  • Accept orders seamlessly

    Build a storefront, list your own products, and transact customer orders/payments seamlessly.

  • Analyze and optimize your shop

    Use analytics, reports and purchase history to scale your business.

A World of Shoppers

Build your brand and reputation with Handmade in Chestermere.

  • Grow your following

    Our platform connects you with a community and takes the guesswork out of crafting the perfect social posts.

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    Reach millions of shoppers on and off Handmade in Chestermere with our platform tools and social community.

  • Attract new customers

    Multi-vendor community social shares provide a whole new audience. Create a sale or coupon to catch the eye of shoppers.


$ 50
per year


Reserve your space at our pop-up market! Open a storefront/directory listing and online shop and list up to 10 products. Everything you need to get started.


$ 75
per year


Reserve your space at our pop-up market! Open a storefront/directory listing and online shop and list up to 25 products. Manage & grow your business.


$ 100
per year


Reserve your space at our pop-up market! Open a storefront/directory listing and online shop and list up to 50 products. Scale your business.


$ 125
per year


Reserve your space at our pop-up market! List up to 75 products in your online shop. An expanded set of tools to scale your venture with infinite potential.

Seller Success Stories

We think Handmade in Chestermere is pretty great but don't take our word for it. Hear stories from our sellers about how Handmade in Chestermere has made a difference for them. Choose your own path to success. Handmade in Chestermere has tools designed for every stage of your business’s growth — no matter how big your ambitions.

“Being on Handmade in Chestermere has helped me reach my local demographic. I’ve met some really great customers and fellow makers who have now become friends. My business has grown and I’ve even had repeat business from clients who I wouldn’t have met otherwise.”
Amanda from Pink Couture
“Exposure of my products on Handmade in Chestermere has lead to multiple sales and numerous new customers. I’m thrilled to be a part of it and look forward to my brand becoming well established in this great community!”
Lisa from La Chik

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I sell on Handmade in Chestermere?

Anything handmade, you must:

  • Physically make or create the original designs for your items.
  • Include each person involved in making your items or running your business in your shop.
  • If you work with a production partner, you must disclose that production partner in your relevant listings.
  • Use your own images in your listings.
What do I need to do to create a shop?

Product photos, pricing and description. Full access to a computer and some time to setup your store front listing/online shop. You will also need an email address and a bank account to accept e-transfers from admin for your sales.

How do fees work on Handmade in Chestermere?

You will be charged a yearly subscription fee of $50, $75, $100, or $125 per/year (dependant on your selection). This is for our pop-up market and for listing each item that you post in your online shop for sale on our online platform, plus everything else listed as included in your membership. Additionally, when you make a sale, you will be charged a transaction fee of 15% of the price you display for each listing (this is for virtual terminal checkout fees, bank fees, and admin fees). 

How do I get paid?

E-Transfer (Email money transfer to your bank account). You will receive 85%  of each sale price plus the shipping fees for each product sold, if applicable (this depends on what has been selected at checkout). Total sales of a calendar month will be paid out in the first 15 days of the next calendar month. Shipping fees at checkout are calculated using Canada Post shipping rates and all product weights and dimensions should be entered accurately (weight in kg and dimensions in cm) in product description.

Can I purchase a subscription package and photography?

Yes, but they have to be purchased in 2 separate transactions. A subscription package has to be purchased alone. Vendors may not purchase a subscription pack and another product from the Handmade in Chestermere shop at the same time. In short, if you’re a vendor, you need to buy a subscription pack, proceed to checkout with the cart, finish the transaction and then buy any other product.

When can I start adding products in my dashboard?

Once the checkout process is completed in my account and payment has been made via credit card or e-transfer, admin will manually approve you as a vendor to add products according to the pack to which you subscribed. 

Where can I see the remaining number of products I can add?

The remaining number of products you can add will show up on your vendor dashboard.

Will deleting a published product count against my quota?

Yes. If your subscription pack allows you to publish 10 products, you can only publish 10 products. However, if you delete one or more products after publishing them, your quota will be restored by the amount you deleted. So that if you delete two products, you can publish 2 products again.

What happens to my listings if my subscription expires?

They will return to draft mode and will not be public anymore.

How do I set up my back end dashboard?

Check out our Vendor Dashboard Overview.

How do I enter products in my shop?

Starter Product Photography Package

$ 25
Expires 90 days after purchase

Starter Product Photography Package

5 white background images

Enterprise Product Photography Package

$ 50
Expires 90 days after purchase

Enterprise Product Photography Package

10 white background images & 1 bonus image

Elite Product Photography Package

$ 75
Expires 90 days after purchase

Elite Product Photography Package

15 white background images & 3 bonus images
Still have more questions?

Refer a friend!

How our vendor referral program works!

Purchase a vendor subscription and receive your very own referral link to send to family, friends and other local businesses. If a vendor uses your link to subscribe to our website, you will receive a $5 coupon for your next subscription purchase.

Is there a limit on referrals or the number of coupons you can earn?


Does a referral coupon expire?

Yes, you have 90 days to use the coupon before it expires.